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This message for a web desktop app is used to exchange a conversation between you and your customers. You can have a conversation with your customers to buy easily with personal, 2-way message conversations. This message chat conversation offers a mobile-friendly checkout so you can and your customers can have a smooth conversation.

With web message widget development, you can avoid your emailed invoices by sending them via text for faster payment. This messaging app development also offers the payment feature which helps customers pay via stripe account.

This web message widget development allows customers to send a message directly to the business, or from the mobile web site using an installed message widget.

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Programming Language

  • Angular
  • NodeJS


  • Angular


  • MySQL

Frame Work

  • Express with Node

Web Server

  • Google Cloud


  • Stripe
  • WebSockets
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The client wanted an app resembling a messaging web app in its functionality but with a twist. The twist was that the app needed to have very high message confidentiality along with a payment integration option. It was desired that a messaging app must be in the form of a text message.

The client was very particular about not using any third-party server or API to develop this functionality as he wanted to have complete control over the database and the server.

UI/UX Consulting

To design and develop a chat messaging app as per our clients' requirements, we offer real-time chat support, on-time response service, customization, security, and more features along with mobile-friendly checkout. The design of the app requires a clean and supportive layout along with an easy payment feature that helps customers pay via an online account.

faqs in chat messaging mobile app


Integrating payment into the messaging web app was a big hurdle. Though, it must have to be a secure method to protect the message and payment as well. We also integrated three user modules for the services - Super Admin, Business Admin, and User.

Our AngularJS developers made this messaging web app with the help of AngularJS development and integrated some of the below-given features:

  • Two way messaging with Nexmo
  • Socket Integration for instant updates
  • Payment Integration for sending Stripe Invoice
  • Contact and Conversation Management
  • Facebook Inbound and Outbound messages with Nexmo
  • Multiple Phone numbers management
  • Pipedrive integration for Contacts and Notes updates

Final Outcome

Developing the message chat conversation app was a great experience for our team at The One Technologies. It required a unique and creative bent of mind to develop a differentiated app in a market already filled with numerous chat apps, and we dare say we did a great job of it.

As an experienced chatbot development company, at The One Technologies, our team of AngularJS developers worked hard to meet every single requirement set out by the client. There were multiple rounds of meetings and discussions to zero down on the technology that was most ideal.

If you are interested in developing a message web application for your upcoming project then feel free to hire AngularJS developers from us.

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