Cloud Resources Management Portal

Cloud management solutions is the portal that provides functionality to cloud reseller companies enabling them to manage their customers, cloud resources, and billing information in one place. With cloud management software development services, customers can quickly and efficiently glean insights into the state of your Azure cloud environment and easily manage all the financial and technical data provided, all in one place.

With this cloud management portal, you can get a 360-degree view of cloud resource usage with proper diagnosis and detailed reporting. The website has a simple and detailed UI to see your cloud resources budget spending. It provides you with granular metrics from your entire stack, Cloud Management Portal guarantees time and cost optimization and shortens the time to market while protecting and maintaining your business running.


  • Micro Service Architecture
  • Programming Language: .Net Core
  • Front-end Technologies: React and Redux


The requirement was clear to develop the website using the .Net Core framework with React technology. Thus, by understanding the requirements and needs, our developers did some brainstorm and came up with their own ideas to implement.

They integrated some of the valuable and useful features that helped our clients in the business.


Our ReactJS developers had managed to develop the cloud management portal which really stood up to their expectations. We developed the first centralized Cloud Management Platform for End-users, CSPs, MSPs, and EAs.

Here are some of the features that make the Cloud Resources Management Portal more exciting.

  • Smart notification system
  • Resource auto-scaling
  • Cost forecasting
  • Customer onboarding and management
  • Reseller integrations
  • Customer cost forecasting


The cloud management software development system provides end-users to manage their costs and monitor their Azure subscriptions. They may also get detailed information on resource health. So, if you are facing trouble while managing your cloud with other software and want to develop your own, then our experienced ReactJS developers will help you develop a cloud management solution. Hire ReactJS developers from us and develop the app.

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