My Crash - Cross Platform App

The application helps a driver to gather information on an effort to ensure accurate insurance claims and police reports after their accidents.


  • Application End Programming Language: Xamarin.Forms C#
  • Back-end Technologies: Firebase Database


A client wanted application that helps a driver to deal with the accident and their after cause. Client wanted to record the witness testimonies and crash site photos, video, audios.

It is basic requirement of client that application will open automatically when the accident occur on the basis of the speed of the driver.


The one technologies developed the code for both Android and iOS using the best UI components and hosted to the Play store and App store.

  • Provide the application that helps a driver to record the crash site data(Including photo,Video, Audio, witness records)
  • Provide place from where user can upload their reports of accident to the firebase
  • Provide the efficient background service that open up the application when accident occur and start recording the data automatically
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