Customer And Employee Management Web Application

Customer and Employee Management Web Application

Our client approached us with a requirement to build a customer and employee management system. The client was searching for a reliable software development company that understands the requirements of their enterprise and delivers a solution that can ease up and enhance the organization's managerial tasks. He searched for top software development companies on Google as well as Clutch. The One Technologies has commendable client reviews and was in the top results, which made our client approach us, and we started working on this amazing web app.

We created an advanced administrative panel that can effectively handle employee shift schedules, customer data, and the production of comprehensive reports. It also requires Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be implemented to handle documents, track employees' locations in real-time, and supervise the assignment of shifts. This complex system should include easy-to-use and safe features that allow authorized users to enter, edit, and retrieve customer and staff data, making it easier to create informative reports for data-driven decision-making. The APIs ought to be easily integrated with external apps, enabling workforce optimization via location tracking, dynamic shift management, and expedited document handling, all of which will boost operational efficiency and productivity.

Hr Management Tools

Key Features

  • Customer Management
  • Employee Management
  • Asset Management
  • Shift Management
  • Report Creation

Key Insights

Client Location:

  • Canada


  • Employee Management System

Business Model

  • Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • Programming Language: .Net Core
  • Front-end: Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 & Kendo UI
  • Other: API Integration
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Hr Management Responsive Design


  • The client wanted to manage multiple shifts and keep track of the employees attendance, tasks, and assets in use.
  • Our client wanted to keep an eye on the tasks assigned and completed and track the performance and efficiency of the employees and overall business.
  • Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive data, from unauthorized access and breaches was a challenge.
  • Integrating the EMS with other systems, can be challenging, as data must flow seamlessly between these systems.
Employee Managment Solutions


  • Our developers created a new shift management module that enabled the assignment of employees, supervisors, assets, and customer job/task requests to shifts.
  • We integrated a reporting feature into the web application. It allows for generating detailed reports that result in performance tracking and making data-driven decisions.
  • We integrated encryption, authentication, and access control to resolve the security challenge. With these tactics, we made confidential data secure and safe
  • Our team did the real-time integration of the existing system without any glitches or issues and did the entire data transfer smoothly.

Final Outcome

Our team worked tirelessly on the customer and employee management web application and delivered an all-in-one solution. Our client was happy and satisfied with the output. His HR process is simplified, the recruitment process is streamlined, shifts are properly scheduled and managed, and other assets are easily tracked. Every previously cluttered factor has fallen into place with a simple and easy-to-use Solution.

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