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Our client - a famous and renowned tyre company from Ireland has made its benchmark since its establishment in 1971. In selling tyres and alloy wheels throughout since this time the client has amassed a reputation within Ireland for doing the job correctly and professionally. The online tyre shop website is offering a wide range of new alloy wheels, oil, tyres and accessories.

This Online Tyre Shop - Ecommerce Web Portal is a simple eCommerce website that allows the client to test out a new product line before investing significant amounts of money.


  • Programming Language: PHP, Prestashop
  • Front-end Technologies: JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web Server: Apache


Our client from Ireland wanted to have an application to sell alloy wheels and tyres online as he has been in the same business since 1971, So to compete with the other seller he had decided to develop the cost effective website.


The One Technologies has provided a hostable web application using Prestashop Ecommerce CMS and Mysql with following features:

  • Typres Customized Management.
  • User Friendly Tyre Enquiry.
  • User Friendly Tyre Search to find the tyres for Cars.
  • Tyres Listing with Car Make,Car Model, etc.
  • Car Gallery - Customer Fitouts.
  • Shopping Cart using Paypal payment gateway.
  • Manufactures Feature Listing.


The client wanted to create a custom tyre eCommerce solutions website for a commodity price, and right now. They did not have time to wait for the typical custom development life cycle that would take several months from beginning to end as they were looking to develop a site on an urgent basis.

The client needed a solution that worked within their budget, business needs and timeframe. They also wanted a solution that could generate great revenue.

The One Technologies build a Tyre eCommerce website that allows customers to purchase a set of tyres, alloy wheels and accessories online. The website was developed by our PHP developers in just a couple of weeks as a demo tool to use with prospective vendors. Our PHP developers customized the storefront, including custom search functionality.

In short, we created a fully functioning tyre eCommerce website in less than a month - from start to finish.

In recent times, finding an eCommerce service provider or website development company is easy.

But, finding a trustworthy and reliable development company who understands the tyre business and has a proven track record of delivering commercially successful projects is much harder. At The One Technologies, we are the best and leading tyre eCommerce Development Company, your best best for a guaranteed return on investment. Hire PHP developers to create such an amazing website for your business.

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