Event Near Me - Event Advertisement and Management application

The Event Management website offers a free service to locate or search events of POI (Point of Interest) of all types. It also allows the user to add a new event or POI without any cost. The event can then be published and seen by anyone using the app or website.

The Event Near Me - Event Advertisement and Management application is offering a free event advertisement. So, if you are hosting a major event, the website will help you promote all types of events. Apart from that, you may have a historical building which you would like to share information like, date of construction, famous people who lived here, historical figure or any other reason, the website is there to welcome your valuable information.


  • Programming Language: CodeIgniter
  • Front-end Technologies: Bootstrap, JQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web Server: VPS HOSTING
  • Other: Import Third party live or upcoming events into database and display events on MAP with marker on that address location


A client wanted to make something different through the website where people can see or add a new event that is going to happen in the town. Through the Event Management website, you can organize an event and add more events that might take place in the future. They needed to display all current or upcoming events on the map with radius from user current location and display those events with a marker with full details on the pop-up notification.

To unite each and everything on a single platform, a client approached The One Technologies to develop a unique website. We have communicated with a client and added some extraordinary features. We develop an Event Near Me website where users can see current or upcoming events.


Based on the client’s requirements and keeping the user’s current location in mind, The One Technologies proposed a solution to make this web application using CodeIgniter and MySQL with the following features:

  • User’s Current Location
  • New and Upcoming Event with Marker
  • Event Details
  • Map with Radius from User Current Location
  • Add New Event


As per the client’s demand and requirements, we need to develop this Event Near Me website by month with a real-time database. It was quite difficult to fetch the user’s current location and display the nearby event with the market. But after some deep research and team discussion, our developers have solved this issue.

Even, we need to show current and upcoming events on a tab with detailed and relevant information fetching through different APIs. So it was a challenging task to get badges counting in real-time for any actions. After some brainstorming research and great hard work, our developers have added some observers with some queries to resolve this issue very easily.

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