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The Customer is serving the interests of football fans, teams, and players. This football web networking application is a UK based platform with the aim to be a global portal where footballers can reach out to agents and scouts. For everyone who has a desire for football and likes to see talented players grow to a professional stage. This football application provides some excellent features like send a connection request, share your talents and have scouts and agents view your skills. Moreover, finding world-class agents, scouts, and players with potential for Users by using this web app. With this app, a great deal of communication gap between talented players and agents is bridged.


  • Programming Language: C#
  • Front-end Technologies: Boostrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Alertyfy
  • Database: MS SQL 2012
  • FrameWork : Net Core 1.1.2 , Entity Framework ,Microsoft Identity Framework
  • Web Server: Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Other: Stripe, Twillio


The client approached The One Technologies with a great idea of connecting football players and agents on the same portal with key features like finding world-class agents, scouts, and players where they can add their skills with a rating and upload multiple videos before sending an invitation to connect. Here all the stakeholders (Players, Agents, Scouts) can edit their profile and add past team and add experience after first login and phone verification. A last but very important feature of an auto-renew package, It means your package renew automatically before it expires.


Based on clients requirement and keeping security and future growth of users in mind The One Technologies proposed solution to make this web application using Microsoft .NET Core and SQL Server with following features:

  • Payment Recurring
  • Free trial and Premium account (Elite Account)
  • Verify Users by SMS
  • Manage Profile and Privacy
  • Multiple Video uploads
  • Manage connections of agents and scouts


Out of necessity, we ran an “agile” process to select both the technology it would use and the partners that would help implement that technology. When it put together its whole-of-sport digital strategy, we also came up with a list of “technology principles” - such as openness and flexibility - for its digital uplift.

The One Technologies was hired by the company to develop and design the entire web application, from a complex real-time backed engine to the modern web app experiences.

Ultimately, the objective now is to use the feature functionality of the Asp.Net platform to support the talented people and to bring on further players and greater customization while striving all the time for a playing and learning experience.

The solution helped the players to learn new techniques for football from their scouts and agents. The app enables the users or enthusiastic platers to get quick and easy access to the provided information and unites football fans in one interactive digital space with much to learn, read, share, analyze and discuss.

As a football application development company, it was a huge challenge for the Asp.Net Developers to build such a sophisticated and interactive platform in a short time, but the decision to use .Net Core framework proved to be the right call. If you are looking to develop this type of football web networking application, then look no further. The One Technologies is the best and renowned football web application development company.

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