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Health and Fitness Training Application

It’s a fitness app for a gamer. You can do required workout to remain healthy and fit. With this health and fitness training app, users can earn points for each step you run or walk outside. This app can be synchronized with your apple device.

In conjunction with offering a platform for health and fitness training, this health and fitness training application offers the training session to make at home training possible. Their approach is comprehensive, becoming fit by staying home with the app.

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  • Python


  • React Native


  • Postgres


  • Django REST Framework
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health and fitness mobile app gamification


The idea was to create a unique app for health and fitness training. Besides regular training programs, the client wanted to add reward points for each step users run. The main goal of the client was to make people healthier with fun activities.

With an idea to create a coherent fitness platform, this health fitness application was developed out of the user’s need to continue their fitness routine regardless of space and time.

To develop a fitness training application, we need to integrate workout sessions and real-time experience for users. During the app designing process, we faced challenges like Complex functionality, Integration with gyms, fitness clubs, and more.

mobile app development for health and fitness


As we have a glimpse of ideas fluctuating in each of our minds, we started to get into it, make research and gather the fullest of the knowledge. We collaborated on each idea and way out the best of it. Using the design thinking approach, our Python developers tried to find the balance between users' needs, business goals and technological capabilities to achieve the best results.

Final Outcome

After fully incubating the conceptual design, python developers at The One Technologies scheduled weekly meetings to ensure that development aligned with the Fitcom vision. Though ambitious, our Python developers utilized their extensive experience in custom application development to choose the most effective approach. After putting hard-working hours onto it, we finally developed a health and fitness training application deployed.

If you have an idea of the app and are looking for a health and fitness training application development company, contact our team to get a free consultation. We will determine what features your app must have, and tell you how much time and resources are necessary to develop it. Hire Python developers from us or conatct the best health and fitness development company from us.

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