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The twenty-first century is celebrated for its digitalization. Everything is accessible, online everywhere and anytime. Online educators are breaking barriers to lead the race; education platforms are rapidly gaining newer grounds to revolutionize the world of learning.

Speaking of change, our client redecided to reach those aspirants who wish to graduate in the health and safety industry. The company provides online training & learning courses in the field of health and safety. With health and safety online training courses anyone can purchase the online courses and accomplish courses in a given time of period.

With just a registration, users can start learning a particular course in their own comfort time and complete the training. The website has interactive online courses, where the learner has a variety of media and interactivity, can raise this retention of knowledge to over 70%. This also allows you to set up learner groups to track learner progress and view certificates.


  • Programming Language: ASP.NET MVC, Umbraco
  • Front-end Technologies: AngularJS
  • Database: SQL Server


The client wanted to supplement their existing health and safety training materials with interactive learning. Their goal was to help the students who wish to achieve in the field of health and safety without taking too much time away from the classroom. In addition, the learning experience needed to be fun and engaging, both to appeal to their learners.


In addition to providing faster delivery speeds for video and file downloads for health and safety training courses, we also focused on improving the overall customer experience for learners - saving them time, simplifying the management of configurations and providing a proactive support system.

We also added features like:

  • Purchase online courses
  • Registration
  • Courses
  • User management


Coming with new features in this digitalization world and giving a tough competition to the competitors is not an easy task to do. Though, our developers did a commendable job by developing a health and safety online training course website in Umbraco technology.

In this digital world, if you too are planning to develop such an online training course website, then The One Technologies is the right and perfect choice for you. Hire Umbraco developers to take your offline business online. We‘re just a call away.

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