Aquarium Management - iPad Application

iPad Aquarium Management

This application lets you see and control all your aquariums using a inbuilt monitor & control system. Access all the real-time data like temperature, water level, lighting, water change and control interfaces with iPad.


  • Programming Language: Objective C, C# with Xamarin
  • Database: SQLite
  • Backend: Asp.Net WCF services, JSON
  • Web Server: IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2012


The client is manufacturer of Aquariums Monitor and Control systems. He wanted to design an app to interface with that system and allows user to remotely control it using iPad. Two main objectives were:

  1. To create a cross platform code, so it can be re-used for other platforms.
  2. Reuse already developed hardware controlling library built in C#.


The One Technologies has used Xamarin Studio and C# to fullfill client's both requirements. The application has following features:


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