Photo & Video Sharing

Photo & Video Sharing

This application is the new standard for photography, creativity, sports, art, fashion, and everything visual. 1moment allows you to stitch together every beautiful, breathtaking, and memorable photo or video you share into 1 post.


  • Programming Language: Objective C
  • IDE: Xcode
  • Database:
  • Backend Technology: and AWS Cognito


Our client from USA wanted to have an application for new stanard of photography and creativity, so can click a photo and alter the same like professional people. This application can keep track of album at one place so user can share thier album with friends and family and upload photos into album. Requirement was to avoid over-sharing, share to multiple social sites from one place, and track the story of photos and vidoes using calender.


The One Technologies has provided a sharing app with following features:


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