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Jewellery Ecommerce Website Development

Jewellery eCommerce website is a prominent size jewellery eCommerce B2C website. It houses high-quality jewellery and accessories with strikingly keen designs with its inexpensive rates and unique shopping experience. You can get exquisite pieces of jewellery, designed to appeal to people with unique senses.

Jewellery eCommerce website is one of the finest companies to deliver the online elite, which aims at revolutionizing the Jewellery and lifestyle eCommerce picture in Denmark with its firm focus on affordability, quality and user experience. The store brings an array of unique and creative jewellery, both antique and trendy collections, that showcases excellent craftsmanship with strikingly exquisite designs.

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Programming Language

  • PHP


  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery


  • WordPress 4.9.7
  • WooCommenrce


  • MySQL


  • YITH WooCommerce Subscription
  • YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices

Web Server

  • Apache
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jewellery store website development


The client’s team came to us, asking to assist them in developing a handy and attractive web-solution. We needed both to create a website reflecting the brand’s spirit and to build a user-friendly online store with graceful jewellery.

For the custom jewelry eCommerce solution, a dynamic and robust website design is required to fulfill clients' business purpose. To promote and sell jewellery online, our client wants website UI/UX that helps the user to find the required jewellery effortlessly.

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The One Technologies adopted a strategic approach to figure out the user experience that could best serve the brand. In order to define the metrics that need to be measured, our developers took into consideration factors like user engagement, adoption, retention, effectiveness etc.

The user actions which allow us to measure these factors were considered as the user metrics which can clearly reflect a user's perspective and expectation for our design team to frame the UX design. WordPress platform was our choice to simplify and accelerate the processing of customers’ orders. It allows us to easily handle all the information and update the records.

Reviewing the scale of the task, we decided to emphasize a wide selection of jewellery pieces and simplicity of use for making orders online.

The following steps show our approach to solutions:

  • A convenient online shop
  • Multi-language solution
  • Mobile-friendly website

Final Outcome

Due to work of the team and our web-solutions, the jewellery eCommerce website came forward, making the presence online more visible and robust. Our WordPress developers developed a customer-friendly online jewellery store that offers a multi-language mobile-friendly solution.

In today’s world, your retail business must have an online presence. Thus, as an experienced jeweller eCommerce development company, we help you develop your eCommerce store with WordPress development services. Leverage our Hire WordPress developers website for your business.

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