Events and Meetup Mobile Application

This Events and Meetup Mobile Application provides functionality for the mobile app users to see the details of Amenities, Park, Communities, Events of particular landmarks and the user can book those using the mobile applications for Android and iOS.

This app allows users to see the details like its opening and closing time, rates, distance, places and enables you to reserve the tables of the coffee bar of the specific landmark. It just doesn’t give you the details in written but also lets you know the real-time location AR to easily find the place so the user can get the details of the place from near Beacons.


  • Android and iOS Native Apps with the functionality of Location AR and Beacons integration.
  • Programming Language: Swift, Java
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Database: SQLite
  • API Integration
  • Others: Stripe Payment integration


The Client wants to create a platform for the Amenities, Park, Communities, Events for his Landmark.


The One Technologies implemented and configured a custom web application using Ruby on Rails and MSSQL:

  • Clean, simple and responsive layout for Admin
  • The user-friendly flow of the Web Admin
  • Push Notifications on Mobile Apps
  • Facility to do all the functionality the same as mobile.


Having vast experience and skilled developers, we took that challenge and turned it out to be a success by implementing Beacon technology for the Admin panel. Hence, the user would get accurate information or real-time details and location of the event.

The Events and Meetup Mobile Application app has proven to be an invaluable tool for attendees and event management. Our mobile app developers successfully managed to deliver the app as per the client’s demand in Android and iOS Native Apps with the functionality of Location AR and Beacons integration.

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