Machine Learning Chatbot Application

Chatbots can automate up to 70% of customer service, sales, and advisory interactions and can be deployed across platforms and in many languages. If you integrate his machine learning-based chatbot with your website and whenever a visitor visits your website, this machine learning robot starts with initial greetings.

This application comes up with several questions and statements where you could quench your thirst and leads to the process that you have been seeking for. This application allows you to store the details of the users and can send it to your business development team so that they can take the procedure further.

Whatever types of business you own or website you have, you can easily integrate this chatbot application with your website and generate the lead.


  • Programming Language: Python
  • Front-end Technologies: Angular
  • Database: My SQL
  • Frame Work: Django REST Framework, Tensorflow


When the client thought of generating leads via chatbot, they found us and approached us to develop a chatbot application. A chatbot application that works on machine learning and stores the information of the particular users when they visit the website.


Our team developed a chatbot that works so well because it can interact with the lead easily and quickly. If at any time the lead wishes to take the communication to you directly, they can do that. Once the lead is ready to speak to you, our chatbot asks the person of their preferred channel of communication. The bot collects that info and forwards it to your BD team where you can access it and get in touch with your lead.


The machine learning chatbot app development company offers a cheaper way to get higher quality leads. The company provides pre-built lead-generation chatbots for clients. In order to be successful in generating business in the insurance field, you must do more to win a client’s trust. There’s something to be said for the power of being able to have a conversation with a prospect—and that’s what bots allow our clients to do.

Immediately when a user enters the funnel, the bot can start building a relationship with them using conversation. So there you go, if you’re looking to sell your products or endorse your services and need someone to do the legwork of generating potential clients for you on autopilot — a chatbot is a way to go.

Hire Python developers from us to develop such chatbot applications to generate more leads and leverage our chatbot app development services.

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