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It is an on-demand movie and documentaries streaming website that offers the users to browse through a wide range of movies in different languages. With this online movie streaming website, you can discover and watch the world's best hand-picked and award-winning documentaries around the globe.

Users can watch new must-see movies every day. This on-demand movie streaming app offers great documentaries made by professionals that know how to tell stories. Users can have easy access to browse through the latest movies from the home page to watch or to rent any of these movies.

This on-demand video streaming application has all the movies categorized by genre, specials and top pick which makes it easier for the users to find the best movies.

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Programming Language

  • Python


  • Html
  • CSS
  • JQuery


  • MySQL

Frame Work

  • Django

Web Server

  • Apache

Other Information

  • A documentary website
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documentary films mobile app


With the increasing mobile users globally, internet speed was the major hurdle faced by people. Enjoying a seamless movie experience was the biggest challenge faced by our developers. To surpass this hurdle, the client approached the renowned online streaming development company, The One Technologies to develop a web application in Python that serves the best video streaming experience to millions of people.

The main aim of the client is to provide a platform to young and talented youth to publish documentary movies that help them to develop their identity while enjoying high-quality videos at low bandwidth. They can also maintain their know-how regarding the latest news and updates.

UI/UX Consulting

To browse movies and documentaries through a wide range of languages, our client was looking to design a robust and flexible website designing. The more customized the theme will be, the more business will engage the audience. It should cover all the features with an interactive interface for user to easily navigate from one section to another.

movies mobile app


After the hours of brainstorming the challenges faced and implementing the solution. We finally developed the app and all set to launch the app, our custom-developed On-Demand Documentary Streaming Application.

  • Manage user profile and credentials
  • Upload new videos and movies
  • Payment details
  • Manage video views
  • Filter options

Final Outcome

Our developers were all surprised and excited by the amount of user base we got in no time when we developed and deployed this online movie streaming website. But thanks to our team of Python developers, the system was able to handle all the user base and process thousands of requests smoothly to provide the best quality user experience to all the users across the globe.

As an experienced online movie streaming web development company, we are here to help you out by developing an online movie streaming website for your project. Keep your worry aside and hire Python developers from us.

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