QR Code and Barcode Scanner Mobile Application

QR Code and Barcode Scanning web application provides functionality for mobile app users to create QR Codes for their products and services, storing the information in that particular generated QR Codes. It allows you to save and share pictures, documents, audio recordings, and videos in a brand new way.

By using this QR Code and Barcode Scanning application, admins can create QR Codes for a medical emergency and users can purchase them from the Admin panel from the website. This is also an emergency app too which can send notifications to selected users when the code is scanned from a place nearby a hospital.

Putting your information on the card is just quick and as simple as taking a picture with your phone. Using this app, you can upload your medications, allergies, and contact information to the card and easily keep it up to date with any necessary changes.


  • Programming Language: PHP, WordPress, Python
  • Front-end Technologies: Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web Server: "CentOS Linux" VERSION="7 (Core)"
  • Other: Stripe integration


The client wanted to create a web application for scanning qrCodes and display the data for that particular QrCode.


The One Technologies implemented and configured a custom web application using Wordpress and MySQL:

  • Clean, simple and responsive layout.
  • Integrate the Stripe.
  • E-commerce web application for purchased the QrCode.


Users have deployed thousands of codes for their products in various industries like education, communication, travel and transport, healthcare, etc. Each of the codes links to the relevant product that consists of some valuable information and the customer can get the video demos, useful tips, personal information, and even an option to “buy it now”.

It was very difficult to manage the QR Code panel from the website which could be used by industries or QR generator and QR Code scanner from the mobile app. However, this was a very challenging task for our mobile and web developers. But by brainstorming ideas and integrating frameworks, we successfully launched the web and mobile app version of this QR Code Scanning App. This way, our developers helped clients to put the privacy-first by enabling the user's personal information.

Interested in learning more about how QR Code Scanning App can help you communicate your safety message? If you are planning to develop a mobile app which runs seamless thenHire Android App Developers or Hire iPhone App Developers. But if you are planning to develop a web app with PHP and WordPress then Hire PHP Developers and Hire WordPress developers from us.

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