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The company is a non-profit organization to manage risk exposures by offering risk management programs to learners across college campuses. The organization presently has several risk management programs in effect including the Pooled Liability Program, the Pooled Worker’s Compensation Program, the IDL/NDI/UI Program, the Property Program, the Athletic Injury Medical Expenses (AIME) Program and the Auxiliary Organizations Risk Management Alliance (AORMA).

All these programs are established to provide group purchase comprehensive business insurance coverage for the non-profit Auxiliary Organizations. Participation in the programs is voluntary. Coverages provided include liability, workers’ compensation, property, crime, unemployment insurance, auto physical damage, participant accident insurance and miscellaneous coverages.


  • Programming Language: .Net Umbraco
  • Front-end Technologies: .NET MVC
  • Database: SQL Server
  • FrameWork: Umbraco CMS
  • Web Server: Windows


Our client wanted to develop a website which has full information about the risk management training program. The website should have a member signup form from which they could get through the website and learn the training program.


Having some requirements from clients, our Umbraco developers enabled the following features:

  • CMS
  • Member Signup
  • Contact Form
  • Okta single-sign


By understanding the clear requirements from the client, our Umbraco developers finally developed and deployed a website that consists of a financial risk management solution program, an accident medical insurance program and other several risk management programs.

Having a great experience in Umbraco technology, our team of developers did it successfully. If you too are looking for Umbraco developers on a full-time or part-time basis, hire Umbraco developers from us or get in touch with us.

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