Guardian Angel - Social Security Mobile Application

This Guardian Angel Security Mobile App is meant for Personal Security and Crime Prevention. Registered users can either call volunteers for help or receive a push-notification when a person around them is in danger. The Guardian Angel Security Mobile App sounds a loud alarm and alerts registered volunteers surrounded within 1 km of the endangered person along with his/her exact location and the way to reach there.


  • Programming Language: Android, Geo-location
  • Back-end Technologies: Parse
  • Database: SQLite
  • Web Server: Parse
  • Other: Google Map, Push Notification


Client approached The One Technologies with this unique idea about the app which help users to help each other when they are in trouble. Like users are Guardian Angels of each other.


The One Technologies provided an Android application and hosted on Google Play Store with following features. Also suggested the best and cost effective solution as Parse for backend services.

  • Help Me button alarming volunteers around you that you are being attacked
  • Identities of Guardian Angels are hidden
  • User's device sounds an alarm, picture are snapped and saved directly on our server
  • The alarm can be deactivated with a pin you choose at registration
  • Guardian Angels within 1km radius receive push-notification showing your precise location and a way to get there
  • Post-event evaluations help establish transparency in our network of volunteers
  • Option to call police


The client wanted some unique features to incorporate with the app. Though, it was very critical for our developers to integrate the live and real-time features. But after having a brainstorming session, our developers finally made it easy.

As a result, the Guardian Angel Security Mobile App is now used by many users across the client's region and customers are very happy to see the results.

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