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Street Business Guide Application

This street business guide is exclusively for local business owners. It helps you connect with similar businesses near you to connect, barter, and compare essential data points. You can use this app to do employee shift covering, supply bartering, and share experiences.

This street business guide app also lets you review prices, negotiate strategies, and provide customer service. It also enables you to connect with more vendors. So you can easily explore and grow your business with just an application.

With the street business guide app, users can see the POS Information of businesses, load, search and review vendors, connect with companies near you to explore the potential opportunities for you.

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Programming Language

  • Xamarin Forms C#


  • Xamarin Forms C#


  • iOS/Android
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An application that needed to be built in Xamarin language. Clients wanted to have real-time data and to integrate the location of business along with their details. With algorithms, we had to show the familiar business at nearest location to the user. Also, we wanted to keep them updated with the news related to their business.

UI/UX Consulting

For the street business guide app, UI must focus on providing information with relevant graphics and layout. It must help users with a business guide for local business owners to connect with other businesses easily. Here, the UI/UX should help businesses explore with the help of POS information, statistics, and relevant data.

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It’s the platform for local business owners with the usage of:

  • Benchmark your sales against dozens of other types of businesses in your area and beyond by weather, seasonality, time of day and employee
  • Connect with other business owners for employee shift covering and bartering
  • Share experiences and reviews on pricing, negotiation strategies, customer service, contacts and more for vendors.
  • News feed related to Retailers and Main Street businesses

Final Outcome

We quickly started working on design and development of the application. It was somehow very difficult to integrate your current business location with a similar business nearby you. But our developers made it through after implementing the logic in Xamarin technology. After the hours of brainstorming, our developers faced challenges implementing the solution, we finally developed the app and all set to launch it. Hire Xamarin developers from us to develop such a street business guide app for your business. Because we are the best street business guide mobile app development company in India.

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