Telemedicine App Development with EHR

Telemedicine App Development with EHR

The telemedicine project is a cross-platform application developed to provide immediate care to needy patients. The apps help patients to schedule appointments with doctors, provide online consultations, and give prescriptions. The app offers a questionnaire with questions relating to diseases and based on the symptoms, suggests a doctor who can give the best treatment. Patients can check the doctor’s profile with basic details like name and profile photo and get an appointment as per the doctor’s availability.

Patients can get video consultations with the doctor and get a reminder about the appointment. The apps help in storing virtual data storage and can access the data remotely. The app also gives a customized diet plan by calculating BMI.

Telemedicine App UI

Key Features

  • Emergency consultation
  • Disease questionnaire for doctor recommendation
  • Virtual data storage and access
  • Device integration with EHR
  • Video consultation with online prescription

Project Insights

Client Location:

  • Brazil


  • Healthcare

Business Model

  • Dedicated Developers

Technology Used

  • React, Vue, Ionic, Node, Mongo, Jira, Clockify
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Telemedicine Cross-platform App


The client approached us during Covid with the idea of developing an app to help patients in serious need of medical assistance. They hired our dedicated healthcare developers to build the app. After a few deliveries, the client was so happy with our work that he hired a huge team and handed over the entire project to The One Technologies.

One of the challenges in building the solution was creating and scheduling an emergency call for the patients. This avoids taking appointments in advance, and doctors respond immediately and start giving instant care. Another challenge in front of our team was connecting the glucometer with the EHR and displaying the result on the device.

Telemedicine Mobile App UI


Our developers have ample experience in building a feature-rich healthcare application. Having industry-specific experience allows the developers to integrate glucometer results with EHR. We put the best developers on the job, and our client received the desired output. Gradually, the client hired a team of 20 from The One Technologies.

Final Outcome

With the fantastic teamwork and expertise of veteran .Net developers, our app was able to help doctors and patients connect virtually, get online consultations, write electronic prescriptions, suggest necessary tests, and access the test results and patient data from any remote location. Many new features have been integrated since the inception of the project, and our team works dedicatedly full-time to maintain, update, and upgrade the app with the latest features and trending technologies.

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