Vehicle Health Monitor Mobile Application

This vehicle health check app is designed to keep your vehicle in optimal operating conditions and minimize costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Ideally, this app should be installed with an automotive repair professional the next time you are having your vehicle serviced. Your favorite repair facility can become involved with the program free of charge. The app along with an OBDII Bluetooth connector that is plugged into your vehicle and that is connected with your phone and your automotive repair facility.

The vehicle health check app consolidates your vehicle’s maintenance and repair history from participating shops and displays a summary on your phone and on our website. If your vehicle is showing signs of performance or reliability issues, your automotive repair facility will be able to review your vehicle’s “vital signs” and advise you of the most appropriate actions.


  • Programming Language: Objective C
  • Database: SQLite
  • Other: OBD II protocol, Bluetooth connectivity


The client wanted to connect customers with automotive repair facilities in a transparent way with the OBD device. He wants the app to consolidate the vehicle's maintenance and repair history from participating shops and displays a summary on every device.


The One Technologies has created simple yet elegant iPad application:

  • Connect with OBDII Bluetooth device.
  • If vehicle is showing signs of performance or reliability issues, it automatically sends that info the automotive repair facility.
  • Extract information like fuel, temperature, speed, and fault codes from the vehicle.
  • Transoforms the extracted information in graphical and user friendly language.
  • Service reminders.
  • Recommended service information.
  • Historical reports and invoices.


Although this app proved to be a challenging project, we’re proud to say that it taught us a great deal. In particular, we gained experience with OBD products, mastered our ability to work with and monitor systems containing various data information like speed, fuel, engine rpm, etc and topped off our knowledge using different architectural patterns for app development.

Our mobile app developers developed an attractive, user-friendly and intuitive UI making the app highly appealing for the end-users. Hire iPhone developers and Hire Android developers to create such apps for your business.

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