Voice Over Music Web application

This voice over music web application is used for building a better voiceover demo player system and the next step in voiceover demo technology. This voice over services provides a track-list demo player that offers your clients impressive audio and visual experience when previewing all your voice skills. It is a web-based, do-it-yourself video-creation platform. This voice over web app enables voiceover artists to make custom audios. It analyzes the demo listening process, identifies the barriers and eliminates them forever.

With its unique patented, track-list format, this web app offers producers a more natural and engaging experience. It gives an unforgettable playback experience for your clients - where every track in your demo is reachable. It’s the demo player of choice for voiceover professionals around the world and the only one designed exclusively for voiceover Demo playback.


  • Programming Language: ASP.Net-MVC, .Net Framework 4.5
  • Front-end Technologies: Responsive design for player, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Database: MS SQL 2012
  • Web Server: Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Other: Authorize.net payment gateway, Plugin to integrate player into client website


The client wanted to provide a better voice over demo player system and send it anywhere with voiceover demo and play it.


The One Technologies implemented and configured following features:

  • Clean, simple and responsive player layout.
  • Registered with voicezam and upload your voiceover file (ex. .MP3, MP4) and Skin it, Embed it, send it anywhere.
  • Plays online audio files
  • Displays each track in your demo
  • Displays track titles as you specify
  • Allows individual Demo & single track downloads
  • Allows individual track selection & playback
  • Displays all contact and representation info
  • Offers popular Social Media buttons


We very quickly designed and developed a bespoke web application solution to instantly create audio, which automated a significant portion of the process. It was somehow very difficult to upload a voiceover file and skin it. But our developers made it through after implementing the logic in Asp.Net technology.

After the hours of brainstorming, the challengers our developers faced and implementing the solution, we finally developed the web app and all set to launch it. Our Asp.Net developers made the player that cross-sells all of your demos, give producers and agents the power to pick the type of spot they want to hear. However, our experienced Asp.Net developers managed to handle all the requirements from voiceover artists and thousands of requests smoothly to provide the best quality user experience across the globe.

Hire Asp.Net Developers to create such a voiceover demo player web application for your business.

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