Wallpaper ecommerce store

Wallpaper eCommerce Store

This wallpaper eCommerce store is committed to turning your interior design visions into reality. They specialize in offering a stunning array of wallpapers and wall coverings, allowing you to revamp your living spaces in truly spectacular ways.

This online platform is all about ease and accessibility. It provides an extensive and diverse catalog of wallpapers, complete with comprehensive product details and high-resolution images. With user-friendly features like intuitive search and filtering options, finding the perfect wallpaper is a breeze. Plus, you can shop confidently, thanks to secure payment methods that make your transactions worry-free.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of administrators works tirelessly to manage product listings, keep tabs on inventory, process orders, and engage with customers through a robust back-end admin panel. This administrative hub simplifies essential tasks like adjusting prices, ensuring efficient order processing, and implementing exciting promotional strategies, all to guarantee that your shopping experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Product list of eCommerce

Key Features

  • Product Browsing with Search and Filter
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Stock Availability Check
  • Product Recommendations
  • Discounts and Promotions
  • Track Order Status

Key Insights

Client Location:

  • Florida, USA


  • eCommerce

Business Model

  • Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • Programming Language: ASP.Net Core, .NET Framework, C#
  • Web Server: Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Database: MS SQL, Procedures
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Different Options in Product List


  • The client wanted to create a user-friendly Wallpaper eCommerce platform offering various wallpapers categorized by style, pattern, and color to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • They wanted a platform where each wallpaper product should include detailed descriptions and high-quality images to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Our client requested us to build a website with robust search and filtering tools, a seamless shopping cart, and a secure checkout process with payment options for an efficient and enjoyable user experience.
  • The client was looking forward to creating user profiles with order tracking, and the ability to save favorite wallpapers is essential, along with a recommendation system and customer reviews to enhance product discovery and credibility.
  • They wanted their admin panel to be user-friendly yet powerful for efficient management of product listings, inventory, orders, and customer interactions.
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  • Our .NET developers designed an attractive, user-friendly website with responsive design, categorizing wallpapers for easy browsing on various devices.
  • We created a product template for clear descriptions and high-resolution images, ensuring consistency and easy updates.
  • We added a search bar with autosuggestions to help customers refine their results.
  • Our development team enabled real-time order tracking and notifications for user profiles and recommendations.
  • We integrated reporting and analytics into the admin panel to efficiently manage products, inventory, orders, and customer interactions.

Final Outcome

Achieving the culmination of the Wallpaper eCommerce project means delivering a fully operational, user-centric online platform, offering an extensive product catalog with detailed descriptions and a seamless shopping experience. For your next project, hire ASP.NET developers from The One Technologies to realize this vision.

Our team will ensure that your platform incorporates user engagement features, a robust admin dashboard, and integrated marketing assistance to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline administrative tasks. With our expertise, you can count on a responsive design, rigorous security measures, and effortless third-party integrations to guarantee a secure and scalable eCommerce store.

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