Software Maintenance Services

Need of Information Technology has become an integral part of businesses and most of the today′s companies are spending majority of their amounts on maintaining and supporting existing web applications. As we have formed our company after dedicating our years in the IT industry and having known the industry from down below we are here to offer preventive and corrective application maintenance services to our clients.

Software Maintenance services

Application Maintenance Services

The One Technologies understand the value of your time and therefore we have a policy to let the client handle and focus all their attention on core competencies of the business with day to day evolving new strategies while we are ready to enhance, maintain and manage your software maintenance and web application maintenance. We understand needs of businesses changes constantly and these changed needs to be deployed in the applications and sometimes according to the recent businesses needs new features in the applications needs to be developed.

Due to the outstanding software maintenance services from The One Technologies you not only get a chance to customized applications development but also full assistance in maintaining them to ensure smooth operations of your business.

At The One Technologies some of the applications maintenance services provided are:

  • New Features Implementation
  • Configuration Management
  • Troubleshooting and Bug Fixing
  • Performance Management
  • Change Implementation, Code review and testing

Web Application Maintenance Services

Under the Website Maintenance The One Technologies due to our enforced skilled team of professionals, we are able to tailor web applications according to your needs and that too within strict deadlines and limited budget. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you want to change your website for any reasons like broken links and outdated texts we have the required expertise to provide the best industry standard website maintenance services.

We understand that if you have an e-Commerce website or an informational website then it needs to be maintained regularly. With the support of latest technologies and advanced knowledge, we make sure to improve the quality of your website consistently. In addition, due to the team of adroit professionals we are able to incur the changes in your website in the minimum possible time.

At The One Technologies we offer following Website Maintenance Services:

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