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AngularJS is one of the finest Google products for front-end development that helps to create single-page applications that are quite interactive and responsive. Hire AngularJS developers from The One Technologies for a better framework and one of the most suited team for your web application development.


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AngularJS Development Company

AngularJS is one of the spearheading JavaScript frameworks used for developing innovative and high-performance websites and web applications. The One Technologies, being the best AngularJS development company in India, USA and Canada, offers declarative coding to help enterprise-level applications with best AngularJS development services.

Our AngularJS development services give you more control over your website with the utmost flexibility. Along with creating AngularJS mobile applications, our solutions are built to be scalable, reliable, and secure.

At The One Technologies, our highly experienced and expert AngularJS developers can turn any of your app idea into reality with efforts. We give you the complete choice to either choose our exclusive AngularJS development services or hire AngularJS developers of your choice. We are mastered in delivering top class AngularJS Development services.

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Our AngularJS Development Services

  • AngularJS Web Development
  • AngularJS Design
  • AngularJS Support
  • AngularJS Custom Solutions
  • AngularJS Maintenance
  • AngularJS Framework Plugin Development
  • AngularJS Consulting Services
  • AngularJS Upgradation
  • AngularJS Mobile App Development
  • AngularJS Migration Services

Why Choose AngularJS Development Services?

Unmatched ease of development that makes it ideal for developing full-featured, scalable business applications with AngularJS development. AngularJS offers you the two-way data binding which is one of the most prominent features. The changes to the UI will directly reflect in the underlying data model and vice versa.

Since the AngularJS is Google’s toolset, it allows you to build the web framework suited to your application development. By extending HTML features for your AngularJS application, it makes it more expressive, readable and quick to the development environment. You can implement an AngularJS framework with any type of front-end development technology to make them easy.

AngularJS is extremely extensible and works with a variety of libraries. This means you can fully customize your workflow to achieve your business goals. We are mastered in delivering top class AngularJS Development services. With its flexibility, you can create a single page application for your AngularJS Web Application Development.

hire angularjs developers

Why Hire AngularJS Developers From Us?

A company with a longstanding software development experience can clearly lead and guide you for your business growth.

  • Affordable services
  • Best AngularJS developers or coders
  • Transparent process and communication
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Fast data processing
  • 24x7 Technical support


Angular CLI

The Angular CLI is a command-line interface tool that is used to initialize, develop, scaffold, and maintain Angular applications.


TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. It brings the optional static type-checking along with the latest ECMAScript features.

The RxJS Library

RxJS is one of the most useful libraries in web development today. It offers a powerful and functional approach and brings the concept of "reactive programming" to the web.

Server-side Rendering (SSR)

It is a very popular technique for rendering a normally client-side only single page app (SPA) on the server and then sending a fully rendered page to the client.

NG Semantic-UI

Semantic UI is an open-source CSS framework built by powered by LESS and jQuery. It has a sleek, subtle, and flat design look that provides a lightweight UI.

Angular Material

Angular Material is a UI component library for AngularJS developers. It helps in constructing attractive, consistent, and functional web pages and applications.

AngularJS Portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can hire AngularJS developers on part-time.

  • - Facilitates Best programming Practices
    - Overall Faster Development
    - Responsive and Scalable
    - Dependency Injection
    - Highly secure web app development

  • Yes, The One Technologies has worked with several AngularJS Application development projects.

  • No, the code developed for your project is exclusively yours.

  • As a leading AngularJS development company, we can assure that you will get something more than expected. We offer you experienced AngularJS developers along with a project manager who dedicatedly will work for your project till the end.

  • We provide guaranteed code ownership of the project to our clients. Along with the project, You will get the following:
    - Copyright
    - NDA
    - Intellectual Property
    - Source code and more

  • The process is very simple to hire AngularJS developers. You need to send your project requirements to us. After an initial discussion with our expert, choose the engagement model for development and hire AngularJS developers or resource.

Client Testimonials

sushant ajmani

Sushant Ajmani

VP Product Management / Course 5i

dr james broselow

Dr. James Broselow

Founder & CEO / Broselow Communication, LCL

jason mccoy

Jason McCoy

CEO / SpitFire CRM

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